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the cable cart goes up for a test run Janwillem knows no fear

15 August 2006, 08:30

Today, we can go with Jane Helén Carlsen to the atmospheric station on top of the Zeppelin mountain. With the cavle cart it takes about 15 minutes. From the station, there is a wonderful view on the village, the fjord and the mountains.
The station measures also carbondioxide which we exhale and therefore we can only go outside a view minutes. Our stay outside is written in a log. All air from the inside of the building goes via a tube 200 m down the mountain, out of reach of the instruments.
A short stay on the platform Exhanging filters A picture of us
poster  In the station hangs a beautiful poster with two graphs. The first one is showing CO2 concentration as measured at this station. There is an annual cycle, showing lower levels of CO2 in winter when there are no plants taking up this gass for fotosynthesis. It also shows an increasing trend in CO2 over years and this increase is going faster and faster.
The right picture compares the measured trends with data from ice cores, showing that the level of CO2 in the atmosphere has been changing, but is reaching now an unprecedented high.
Remember CO2 is an active greenhouse gass and one of the major suspects for global warming. Something to think about...

View on Ny-Alesund from the top of Zeppelin mountain. To the left the bay Thiisbukta, in the middle the port, then the lake Solvatnethet and to the right the Amundsen mast.
view of the village
a picture through the telescope These are two pictures take through the telescope. a picture through the telescope

Latest picture from the webcam on the Zeppelin station

Below, you can see the latest picture from the webcam located on the Zeppelin mountain south of Ny-Ålesund. With good weather, you can see the town, the Kongsfjord and Blomstranden on the other site of the fjord.

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