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A final boat trip. Photo: Inger Greve Alsos
A final boat trip through the fjord. Farewel Spitsbergen, see you next year.
Farewel Spitsbergen, see you next summer. Photo: Inger Greve Alsos
Hanging out in front of the glacier A traditional trip for departure, is a boat trip to the front of the largest glacier. Every day, chunks of deep blue ice (coloured blue under the pressure of the ice masses above) fall in the fjord with the sound of thunder.

The ice front is 60 meter high and dangerous. We approach with the rule-of-thumb: Never come closer to the ice front than that the ice front is as large as your thumb when you have your arm fully stretched in front of you.

On 13 Jyly, I made a video of ice falling of the glacier. That day is described here.

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