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In 1958, Lilly Kristensen worked in Ny-Ålesund. In this year, an old graveyard with 74 300-year-old whalers was re-located to allow for expansion of the coal storage. In those days, a Dutch professor, Ir. Velzeboer, was working as advisor for Kings Bay Kull Compagnie. He assisted in the re-location and arranged funding from the Netherlands. Lilly has an old picture of one of the graves, which she took herself. The deceased was wearing a kind of jacket. She also tells about one grave with two persons, one with a broken skull. These were seen as a murderer and his victim burried together. Graves were oriented eats-west.

Nick Cox, Geir Wing Gabrielsen, Suzanne Lubbe and me show great interest in this information. I show the others a site where it seems that an old coffin is coming to the surface. Indeed, the wood has an east-west orientation.

In Svalbardposten, an article appeared about this discovery in Norwegian language. See here.
looking at old documentationa 17th century whaler

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