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26 July 2006, 18:30

walking with geese through the village
explaining what will happen getting the geese together a walk.... ...through the village... ...towards the nets
slowly, gentle
For the third goose catch, we are walking the geese through the village towards the net. In the top row of pictures, you see Maarten explain to a group of volunteers, how they will encircle the geese. You need a bit of a lesson in goose behaviour and everyone has to understand my hand signals. Than we were pushing the geese out of the small pond and walked them through the village to the nets on the east side of town. It went very smoothly.
On the largest picture you can see that we did catch some goslings this time. Pictures with Maarten are taken by Johan Ström.
closing the pen
The gate is closed and we start putting the geese into green enclosures so we can collect their faeces.
grabbing the geese putting them in individual cages
While Maarten is grabbing a goose, the others cary them over to Olga, who places them in inidvidual green cages to collect their faeces.

Maarten with the last goose a group picture We started catching at 18:00. Then waiting two hours for the goose to empty their gut til 20:00. We started ringing the goslings and parent birds first and they were released again at 22:00. Than we did all other birds. We were finished at 00:15.

Daan with gosling

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