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inspection by the vixen

28 July 2006, 15:00

Marking foxes. The fox den under the London-houses is famous. The foxes are very tame and used to people. Are they still behaving natural? They have such a large impact on the goose population, so I have to study these foxes too. In order to recognize them, they need to be marked. Thanks to Eva Fuglei, Bjorn Andes and Ian Gjertz, I was allowed to tag them individually. Today I started catching and I was able to tag 9 foxes within one day. I think I still miss the father and one puppy.
We used traditional fox traps. A stone on the door is enough weight to keep it closed when a fox is inside.
we caught a puppy with big gloves now I am a fox catcher too ready for marking
puppy caught with big gloves handle with care fixation

ready for marking colourful marks weighing release
I hold the fox, Cecilia marks and Daan takes the pictures colourful marks weighing the fox release

numberleft earright earsizesexbodymassname We will start a facilty on our webpage to enter sightings of foxes and geese. We are very interested in keeping track of the whereabouts of these foxes, over the autumn and winter. Please keep a check on www.arcticstation.nl and see under [sightings of animals]. For sightings, you only have to know which colour in which ear, because the colourcombinations are unique. We than name them by two colournames, left ear (seen from the fox perspective) first and than the colour of the right ear.
1greenblue 206puppynot sexed1360 gCecilia
2blackred 106puppymale1460 gMaarten
3greenred 105puppymale1396 gDaan
4whitered 104puppymale1440 gOddvar
5blackblue 207puppyfemale1220 gLinda
6blackyellow 12puppyfemale1363 gAlexandra
7greenyellow 11puppyfemale1190 gRandi
8whiteblue 205adultfemale-Tina
9whiteyellow 10puppymale1396 gRick
10red 125whitepuppymale1402 gJanwillem

The first nine foxes were caught 28/7/2006 between 13:00 and 20:00. The next day I had two recaptures and decided to wait with baiting the traps until an unmarked fox was around. 30/7/2007 17:30, we caught the last puppy (no. 10).

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20060726, 1830 20060728, 1500 20060729, 0300 all items shown with small pics
third goose catch earmarking foxes bird cliff

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