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boating in Kongsfjorden

25 July 2006, 20:30

This is the period in which all geese are moulting. The first non-breeders will start to fly again at the end of this month. The breeding birds will continue moulting another 3 weeks. In this period we are going to count the geese in the whole fjord. Daan and Cecilia started with a count to Gasebu. Secondly I brought them to Kvadehuken and they counted the area from the point of Brögerhalvoya to the village. Then Vincent, Olga and me were going by boat along all islands and the coast of the inner fjord.

We counted 408 barnacle geese in the fjord. Since 2000, the number shows a steep decline from 1500 adult geese to about 400 right now. We need a year without heavy fox predation soon, to allow some recovery of the population.

Earlier we have counted 339 nests on the islands. Some geese must have left the fjord after the young have been predated.
coffeebreak at Stuphallet On the trip from Kvadehuken, Cecilia and Daan made a coffeebreak. Daan is pouring coffee, while Cecilia made the picture to the left.

On the picture to the right, there is a group of moulting pinkfooted geese near Ossian Sarsfjellet. Among them was one bird with a blue neckband: P40. Unfortunately you cannot see this on this picture.
pinkfooted goose at Ossian Sarsfjellet

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