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goose team

7 April 2011 10:30

The 2011 team seems ready. These people will study ecology of barnacle geese. We will focus on plant-animal interaction, diet selection and food quality.
Suzanne Lubbe Dagmar Egelkraut Elspeth Kolvoort Maarten Loonen Qi Zhao

A short presentation of all individual plans:
Suzanne LubbeSuzanne has studied earlier diet choice of goslings with microscopic analysis.
Dagmar EgelkrautDagmar will study the trophic mismatch. How has the optimal timing of geese and their food plants shifted with climate change?
Elspeth KolvoortElspeth can analyse species composition of mosses with molecular techniques.
Maarten LoonenMaarten will supervise all science and collect dataloggers from geese which have been attached to the ring and have logged the position during migration.
Qi ZhaoWe have started a new cooperation with the Chinese station and Qi will study quality of foodplants.

unfortunately, Qi did not receive a Chinese grant to come to the Arctic. We have to postpone this collaboration.

Wat will we do?
Observations on grazing geese, collecting goose droppings and plant material for diet analysis, grow food plants at various temperatures, allow geese in previous exclosed areas, change dataloggers on geese.

More information on the people staying in the Netherlands Arctic Station can be found here.

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20110401, 13:30 20110407, 10:30 20110519, 21:00 all items shown with small pics
Edgeøya goose team counting geese in LYR

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