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landing with the zodiac from Noorderlicht observing the birds birdclif Ossian Sarsfjellet

13 July 2006, 18:00

De captain of the sailing boat Noorderlicht has invited me for a trip to the birdclif Ossian Sarsfjellet. It is the largest birdclif in the fjord and I have never been on land at this site. The day is a bit grey, but the experience is magnificent. On the way to the clif, I give a lecture for the turists about goose ecology. Than we land next to the clif and climb up to a wonderful view.
watching the calving glacier calving glacier

bearded seal
We returned to the boat, had a nice dinner and sailed to the glacier front. There we observed ice falling of the glacier causing a tsunami-like wave. I made a video of the falling ice.
And we ended the trip viewing a bearded seal from close distance on an ice flow. Thank you Gert.

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arctic terns birdclif and calving glaciers covering new ground

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