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Cecilia waves Woitjek goodbye the hut Geopol, with whale bones and reindeer antlers inside we start the wood stove and dry our clothes, an atmosphere of former times

16 July 2006, 17:30

We have planned an overnight trip to the tip of Brögerhalvöya to visit all lakes in this area. With a high predation in our normal study area, this area might be an alternative. It is a vast area 15 kilometers from Ny-Alesund. Just in time I realized that I was planning a daytrip of 35 kilometer. So we switched to an alternative plan. I asked Woitjek to drop us with the boat of the Norwegian Polar Institute and we stayed overnight in the hut Geopol.
a stone desert stone circles made by nature a dead reindeer started this green spot
This tip is called Kvadehuken, which is based on the Dutch name Kwaade Hoek: bad corner. Many shallow rocks in front of the shore made it dangerous to pass. The area is of unearthy beauty. A stone desert, filling the view, with depressions with small lakes and stone circles. Green circles with lush vegetation mark the spot where once a reindeer died and fertilized the soil. The nutrients of the decomposing body started vegetation and arctic skuas use these patches to sit, nest and defaecate. Over many years, the patch becomes greener and greener. With reindeer and goose droppings to continue this process.
the edges of the stone circles form the microclimate for germination of seeds and spores logging soil perturbation The world best polygones are found in this area. Stone circles formed over centuries by soil perturbation. Freezing and thawing in the top soil, with permafrost in the deeper soils has sorted the stones.
We found this site where the soil was monitored automatically.

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