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incubating tern at marked site tern shit on my jacket terns with hatched chick
In the village, arctic terns are nesting. These birds are the longest migrants and winter in the antarctic. In the end of the nineties we had over 300 breeding pairs in the village. Now, this number is much lower due to fox predation. We monitor the nests and their survival together with Børge Moe. Nests are staked out and visited daily. The area close to the dogyard seems the best place in town. Tern nests do hatch here. The terns are attacking vigorously. They pick on peoples heads and also divebomb with their shit. But around 14 July, the fox starts to clean this area. Within three days all eggs and hatchlings disappear.

14 July 2006, 14:00 feeding photo: Vincent Munster

red dots are tern nest in July 2006

attacking photo: Vincent Munster

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feeding goose families arctic terns birdclif and calving glaciers

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