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Seabird count

27 July 2020

A beautiful day in the fjord, while we count the seabirds and geese along the shore. Lukas drives the boat and Greg is enjoying. Maarten and Catharina count the birds and Tessa is making notes.
We meet de Norwegian icebreaker Kronprins Hakon in the fjord. The boat is studying the glacial run-off from the Kongsbreen glacier.

The water coming from the glacier is full with sediment. the run-off floats on top as it is cold fresh water floating on heavy salt water.
Greg will be leaving soon. Tonight is his farewell party. He was the last year stationleader for AWIPEV. Next year he will come back for another year.
The bird counting team.
On approach of the village, I took this picture of the Netherlands Arctic Station, the two yellow houses in the middle of the row of four houses, originally from Ny-London.

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