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Final sampling mesocosms

25 July 2020

Today, we are ending the mesocosm experiment. It has run for 10 days and shows nice trends. This was the third time we ran the experiment as the first and second seemed to have to much droppings creating mortality in the daphnia.
Different treatments. Picture left only phytoplankton, picture right phyto- and zooplankton. In the picture from left to right no droppings, 1 gram of droppings, 2 gram of droppings and 3 grams of droppings. Both pictures are heated treatments.

Catharina takes a sample of phytoplankton from each mesocosm.
Tessa conserves the samples in lugol, making a colourful collection.

A water sample is also filtered for nutrient analysis and zooplankton is collected after filtering it over a 35 micron net.

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