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cold winter

March-April 2020

It is a cold winter on Svalbard. A couple of pictures which show the large amount of ice in the fjord.
A picture taken from the Zeppelin mountain by Helge Markussen. From the beginning of the mining in 1920 until 2006, people could walk every winter across the fjord from Ny-Ă…lesund to Blomstrand at the other side of the fjord. Since 2006 it has not been possible, but now we are close.

Kings Bay posted this picture on their facebook site. The train is a symbol for Ny-Ålesund, now in the snow.
Every day you can see a webcam picture. The one below is taken on 2 April 2020. For the actual webcam picture click here.
To the left there is a graph from the website yr.no from Norwegian Meteorological institute. Actual measurements can be seen here.

In the last years, we had several episodes of temperature above zero in the winter, followed with heavy rain contributing to an annual budget of almost 3x normal percipitation. This winter it did not happen. Snow came early and stayed all winter. It might be a unique spring.

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