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NySMAC digital

30-31 March 2020

The Ny-Ă…lesund Science Managers Meeting NySMAC had a meeting planned at the Arctic Science Summit Week ASSW2020 in Akureyri, Iceland. But the corona outbreak changed the plan and we had to move to an online conference. The meeting was now on the digital platform zoom. It really went very well. We had at most 43 people joining from the following countries: Norway, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, South Korea, India, Japan and China. It worked really well and felt confident in my rol as chairman. Connections were good and people could raise their hand if they wanted to make a statement. Sharing of a screen for a presentation was easy and it was possible to react by showing an icone on your video.
Will this be the future? I do not know, but travelling by plane should be reduced and maybe we can do half of our meetings now via internet.
A view from my computer screen. In total 2 screens with video and a chat room.

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