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Arctic warming continues

8 May 2018

For a lecture during the Arctic symposium of the Association of Utrecht Geography Students (V.U.G.S.) I had already included a slide in my presentation with graphs from the websitehttp://www.yr.no. Under the heading [statistics] you can see a nice overview of a year with the measured temperature and precipitation against the normals (black lines).
I like to point out how the temperature in the winter regularly rises above zero. On those days, an excessive amount of rain often falls with danger of avalanches and landslides. After that, the weather quickly freezes, and the rain that has accumulated between the permafrost soil and the snow freezes and makes an impenetrable layer. When putting together the presentation, I am also amazed by the warm days of the past week and a ten-day weather forecast that also remains above zero. That should actually happen in June, not in May.
When I get up early, I see the message on facebook. The Washington Post has also posted an article under the title Another excessive heatwave on the North Pole with a nice map of the deviation of the local temperatures compared to normal values. In the train I also add this picture to the presentation.

Temperature difference from normal over the Arctic analyzed by European model on May 7 2018.

I no longer have to talk about the distant future. I have experienced it all myself. In the early nineties when specialist told me that glaciers always go back and forth and that Spitsbergen is buffered for warming by the large water surface of the ocean. Spitsbergen is now the fastest warming place in the Arctic, due to the warm ocean water and the absence of ice cover. The glaciers have withdrawn 2 to 4 kilometers since I am here and sometimes they get pitch black at the end of the summer because they become smaller and more and more grit and material gets on the surface of the ice. And the climate models are getting better and predict little good.
I have to do more. We are going to make our house more sustainable and I have become vegetarian for most meals.

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