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The geese defend their nest.... ...while Maarten checks the nest....
...the geese have to wait

8 July 2006, 18:00

Again, we are checking nests. There are only a few nests left. The last nests are hatching and the geese are not happy to see us.

We mark the goslings of nests where the parents are unringed. Webtags are used. These are small metal plates which are pierced through the web of the foot. When we recatch this gosling later, we know its nest and hatchdate.

This goose has seen me before. She refuses to show her goslings to me. I can touch and pet her. It is green PA with hatching eggs and two goslings in the nest.
Maarten showing a marked gosling there is a numbered webtag attached
the goose does not want to show her assets green PA has eggs.... and goslings

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20060707, 15:00 20060708, 18:00 20060709, 21:00 all items shown with small pics
measuring grasses last nest check on the islands catching guillemots

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