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Monitoring clutch size of kittiwakes
To the right is the map, which is used to find specific nests which are monitored each year. The ladder is no standing over nest E5 and nest E31. Can you recognize the nestnumbers?

26 June 2006, 13:00

The season is extremely early. Eiders are hatching two weeks earlier and barnacle geese five days earlier than normal. The birds are early, so we are late. I arrived at 7:00 and at 13:00 I am already helping at the bird cliff. Geir Wing Gabrielsen and Kjell Tore Hansen (Norwegian Polar Institute) have been counting nests on most of the islands and I can give them a hand with the monitoring of the kittiwakes. Year after year the same spots in the cliff are used. Every year we determine the number of eggs in the nests which are within sight. It is a dangerous operation because the rocks are breaking off easily, the ladder is completely out and the ground surface is already quite some slope. To high for me, but Kjell Tore climbs to the top and uses a mirror on a stick to look into the nests.
the map used to find the nests

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