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Sabu Thomas 


Sabu Thomas







Himadri station IndiaScientist18 / 06 / 200916 / 07 / 2009

I am working in Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology, Trivandrum, Kerala( A National Autonomous Research Institute Under the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India). Areas Of Research Interest 1.Molecular Biology and Epidemiology of Waterborne pathogens with special reference to Vibrios Our group is interested in studying the molecular mechanisms involved in multiple drug resistance in environmental isolates of V.cholerae.Also interested in Vibrios biofilm inhibition, and potential biofilm inhibitors will be isolated from suitable bioresources and its mechanism of action will be explored. These studies should advance identification of new targets for inhibitors of bacterial biofilm development. 2.Exploring novel cold adapted industrially important enzymes from psychrophilic Polar bacteria. Exploring the potential of cold adapted bacteria for producing various enzymes such as ‚-galactosidases, proteases and lipases. Our lab is successful in the characterization of a crude ‚-galactosidase from a psychrotrophic Enterobacter sp.isolated from Antarctica. Furthermore, we are in the process of amplification of this ‚-galactosidase gene for the purpose of cold expression.Also interested in microbial biodiversity through metagenomic approach. Please feel free to contact us at sabu@rgcb.res.in for any information that you might need and comments that you wish to make.WARM GREETINGS FROM KERALA-GODíS OWN COUNTRY,THE EXTREME SOUTH OF INDIA.

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