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Sunil Sonbawne 


Sunil Sonbawne







Himadri station IndiaAtmospheric Scientist14 / 07 / 201104 / 07 / 2011
Himadri station IndiaAtmospheric Scientist10 / 06 / 201130 / 06 / 2011
Himadri station IndiaAtmospheric Scientist27 / 05 / 201021 / 06 / 2010

Dear All,
i am Atmospheric Scientist,
Qualification - B.E. (Instrumentation),M.Tech (Atmospheric Science).
Brief description of research activity

I am working in the Program “Basic physics of tropics through observations (Aerosol and Climate Studies) in specific area of Remote Sensing of atmospheric aerosols and gases using Active and Passive techniques. The main objective is to develop the experimental technique for studying impact of aerosols and trace gases using Lidar (active) and radiometric (passive) techniques and the studies connected with vertical distributions of aerosols and columnar aerosol and trace gas, optical depths utilizing the observations from computer-controlled, bistatic and monostatic lidar (Argon ion, Eximer, Co2, Raman and DPMPL lidar), Solar radiometers (Microtops II Sun photometer, spectroradiometer) and Radiation (Pyaranometer & Pyarziometer).

I was a member of 24th (2004-05) & 26th (2006-07) Indian Antarctica Expedition in connection with scientific research project entitled “Direct Radiative Forcing due to Aerosols and Precursor Gases Over Antarctic Region”, PI- P.C.S. Devara and Co-PI- S. M. Sonbawne submitted by the Institute.

currently working on A scientific research project entitled “Role of Aerosols and precursor gases in direct radiative forcing over Arctic Region” at Ny Alusend, as PI - S. M. Sonbawne and Co-PI- P.C.S. Devara, Dr. P. D. Safai, Dr. P.S. Salvekar, Dr. P. R. C. Rahul.

I do work for the maintenance of experimental facility to the Laser Laboratory at the Institute, also setting-up instrument and carry out modification to them as per the experimental requirement, and developments of data retrieval techniques, in this connection:
Very recently the new data acquisition system (dual channel) MCS based is installed for the Eximer lidar system to improve the data quality and the receiving power for the vertical profiling of ozone up to the stratosphere.

Research papers published in peer-reviewed journals
1) Sunil M. Sonbawne., P. Ernest Raj., P.C.S. Devara and K. K. Dani., Variability in Sunphotometer derived summer-time total column ozone over the Indian station ‘Maitri’ in Antarctic Region., International Jr. of Remote Sensing (Special Issue) 2009, Vol.30 Nos.15-16, August 2009, 4331-4341.
2) S. M. Sonbawne, P. Ernest Raj and P.C.S. Devara., Observed short-term changes in total column ozone over Indian Antarctic station during solar proton events. Annales Geophysicae, AG/2009070 (Under Review).
3) P. Ernest Raj, S.M. Sonbawne, K.K. Dani, S.K. Saha, G. Pandithurai and P.C.S. Devara., Changes observed in sun photometer derived total column ozone and possible implications on surface reaching UV radiation over a tropical Indian station., International Jr. of Remote Sensing (Special Issue), 2009, Vol.30 Nos.15-16, August 2009, 4153-4165.
4) P. Ernest Raj, M.C.R. kalapureddy, Y. Jaya Rao, S.M. Sonbawne and P.C.S. Devara Mixed layer height determination from variability in lidar-derived atmospheric scattered signal strength, Boundary-Layer Meteorol., BOUN610 (Accepted)

feel comfort to contact me on email.
Sunil M. Sonbawne
Atmospheric Scientist
Indian Institute of Tropical Meterology
Pune-411008, Maharastra, India
Ph: +91-20-2590-4361
Fax: +91-20-2589-3825

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