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Expedition to Jan Mayen

The Arctic Centre of the University of Groningen and the Willem Barentsz Polar Institute prepare an expedition to Jan Mayen in August 2014. Jan Mayen is a Norwegian remote island near the cold uninhabitated side of Greenland. Four hundred years ago the island was discovered by a Dutch whaler. On the island there is yearround a small team of Norwegians manning a weather station. There are also some archeological remains of a Dutch whaler station from the 17th century and some graves of people who tried to winter.
We are invited by the Royal Dutch Navy on this expedition and will join with a team of archeologists and biologists.
On 18 februari 2014 we had a meeting at the naval base, where this picture is taken.. From left to right: Louwrens Hacquebord (RuG-AC), Michael Stech (National herbarium), Annette Scheepstra (WBPI), Henk Ottens (KNAG), Eric Verheul (initiator, marine), Maarten Loonen (RuG-AC), Robert Lobbes (navy), Eelko Postma (KNAG) en Gerritjan van den Dam (head of operation, navy). Niet op de foto: Peter Jordan (RuG-AC), Adri van Vliet (NIMH), Kees Camphuysen (NIOZ) and Paul Middelberg (navy).
We will embark on the Zr.Ms. Zeeland, a new ocean patrol vessel of the Holland class. We make a tour on a similar ship Friesland, because Zeeland is on patrol in the Caribean. From the bridge, I made a picture of Groningen with on its side a FRISC.

For the University of Groningen, this expedition is special as Jan Mayen is 400 years ago discovered by a Dutch whaler. This year our university celebrates its 400 year anniversary. The expedition is also a good excersise for the large scientific expedition to Edgeøya in August 2015 (see http://www.sees.nl). Since 1983, Jan Mayen has been visited by Louwrens Hacquebord and Kees Camphuijsen several times. With this expedition, we can extend a long time series of change,make a scientific publication and plan research for the coming years.
A painting from 1639 from Cornelis de Man showing a Dutch whale factory on Jan Mayen. In the background the Beerenberg, a large vulcano 2200 meters high. This painting is hanging in our national gallery (Rijksmuseum), right above a display with woolen hats of 17th century whalers burried on Spitsbergen.

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