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19 July 2013
This posting is dedicated to the many people working for KingsBay. KingsBay is the owner of the town. They make it possible for all of us to do science. While walking outside on this beautiful day, it is obvious how much work is done during the summer.

Above, they are building a new bridge over the Bayelva river, to connect the planned new telescope to town.
Below, they are renovating my former station hut.
London 2 is renovatedBlocked sewage pipes are repaired
The hotel gets a new outer wall as the old one was absorbing to much water
And in the harbour a ship is unloaded for a new deck of the airport runway.

These are the man working outside. But also inside, we have the office, the reception, the kitchen. Even in the laundry room new washing machines were installed today. It is an impressive work force.

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