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Bird attack

6 July 2011 15:00

The great skua and the glaucous gull are big birds of nearly 2 kilogram. When approaching their nest,they know how to generate fear. Below you have two short video's. I did not dare to stay close any longer.
The great skua can kill full adult eider ducks and geese by drowning. The skua has no claws, just webbed feet, but when hunting as a pair, together they are very well able of keeping an adult moulting bird below surface.
In this video, I am to close to their nest, while checking goose nests. With impressive flights they come very close and make me scared. You can hear the wind in their wings when they change direction just before impact.
  The glaucous gull is a tall bird similar but bigger than a herring gull. They make more noice during their attack. I am less scared though once I have been hit by these birds.

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