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preparing mesocosms together
reindeer grazing for our house
Corina Brussaard and Anna Noordeloos are here from the NIOZ, Texel to perform research on microorganisms (what are the concentrations and how well do they grow and how fast do they die due to grazing and viral infection) within the EU-project EPOCA. With about 35 other scientists do they perform research on the effects of ocean acidification for the functioning of the marine ecosystem. This will be done using huge so called mesocosms of 17 m heigth and more than 50 cubic meter content. The research runs her in Kings Bay runs from end of May until half of July. From 17 June Harry Witte and Merel Collenteur will take over. A weblog is maintained for Vara Vroege Vogels (in Dutch).

Greenpeace helped on the project and made the following movie:

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warming the tundra creating ocean acidification greylag goose catching in NL

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