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Jelte Rozema and Stef Weijers
Jelte Rozema (left) and Stef Weijers (right) in front of London 2. From 3 til 7 June, they stayed in the Netherlands Arctic Station to install the equipment for their long-term experiment. They place small greenhouses (open top chambres) on the tundra and monitor the reaction of the woody plants. Their research has been described earlier in this weblog:
Eerdere weblogs waarin hun onderzoek aan bot kwam zijn:
20050611 start of the season 2005
20090604 opening
20090624 open top kamers with video

The tundra was still partly covered with snow as you can see from the webcam of the Sverdrup station at Zeppelin mountain (picture to the left). Five experimental warming plots could not be accessed. I will build these next week, when I am staying one week in the station.

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Anne is here warming the tundra creating ocean acidification

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