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Geese on Mars

16 July 2009 14:00

After a bumpy boat trip with French cowboy Damien, we were dropped at Kvadehuk. Getting out of the boat safely was probably the hardest part as the waves were pretty high. While we tried to get out elegantly with all our stuff (which kind of failed), Phil tried to keep the boat from hitting the rocky beach by hanging on the side. When we were finally on shore safely, we had a chat with the mars people before we continued our journey to the lakes on the tip of the fjord to look for geese.
We found a couple of small groups and finally a larger group of about 45 geese. After reading rings we continued our way towards the hut over rocky plains, which looks flat at first sight but is really very hilly. At the hut we had a break and we saw the mars people again who were doing measurements. One of them came up to us to check if we were ok and if we needed a satellite radio. After lunch we started to go on our way back.

stone circles

our map with all kind of remarks from Maarten

We crossed a very divers landscape. A thick green moss carpet at the bird cliff Stuphallet and more stony planes. Finally we reached Ny-Ålesund, which did not look friendly in the fog but for us was a welcome end of a long walk.

Pictures and text: Anouk Goedknegt & Fokje Schaafsma

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