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10 December2018

In 2016, Enzo Pérès-Labourdette has been visiting the Netherlands Arctic Station with a grant to develop his first book on climate change. Today the book is out. Wonderful colourful pictures and an inspiring text.

Back cover text translated:
Shh ... Everyone in the woods is still asleep. Everyone, except one tree and the geese. Are you coming with us? They grumble. The little tree discovers a cold world where the sun does not set in the summer.
Hello, does anyone live here?
He enjoys the warmth together with the animals of the island. But then the ice melts.....

Enzo Pérès-Labourdette traveled to Spitsbergen himself and marveled at the nature of the North Pole.
He also saw how vulnerable nature is.
That is what he wants to tell us.

The last page of the book,I really find inspiring to read to our children:
Trees of the forest!
Listen to what I have seen!
The ice is melting...
Do you know why?

This is a clear invitation to start a conversation with your child after the book is read.

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