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essays by Ramsey Nasr

29 March 2021

  In 2013 and 2014, Ramsey Nasr has visited the station. Being in the Arctic he got inspiration for a perspective on his human life. He already mentioned it in this video. The trip, alone on the tundra did the rest.
In his new book with three essays on the time during the covid-19 pandemic, he dissects the corona and climate crisis as two disasters that are fundamentally linked. Step by step he questions our entire Western way of life. Using artists such as Boccaccio, Rilke and Van Gogh, Nasr makes a plea to radically rethink our place on earth and our idea of ​​happiness, not as a vague ideal, but purely out of preservation. The booklet is therefore, in addition to a penetrating cry from the heart, a political call to revolt. Against the chaos of our time, Ramsey places an urgent but hopeful voice for a country and world in crisis.

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