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Aurora borealis

22 and 24 February 2020

Aurora borealis, also called the Northern Light, has been photographed by Christelle Guesnon and was placed on her facebook site. I could not resist to copy these pictures into my weblog.

When I am in Ny-Ă…lesund in summer, it is full daylight all day. I can never see this phenomenon. The light is seen in the dark period, when solar winds reach the atmosphere and excite molecules in the upper atmosphere. The amount of solar winds varies depending on eruptions on the surface of the sun.The northern lights are to the south of town. They form a ring around the magnetic pole in the higher atmosphere. Ny-Ă…lesund is within the ring, due to its proximity to the magnetic pole.

The atmospheric laboratory of AWIPEV with the laser in action.

Mehllageret, our pub.

The instrument area with on the left the red light on the Zeppelin mast.

The London houses, the Netherlands Arctic Station. Yippie.
The town seen from the Brandal hytta, posted 24 February 2020.
Brandal hytta, posted 24 february 2020.

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