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50 years Arctic Centre University of Groningen

19 January 2020

Today it is the 50th anniversary of the Arctic Centre of the University of Groningen. We are very proud on our accomplishments: the Smeerenburg expeditions led by Louwrens Hacquebord, the SEES expeditions to Edgeøya, our contributions to the working groups of the Arctic Council CAFF, SDWG and AMAP and the Netherlands Arctic Station in Ny-Ålesund. We have played a major role in bringing all Dutch polar scientists together in the Willem Barentsz Polar Network and facilitate national and international cooperation in the Arctic. We are proud on our educational programme and thank all students who participated.
The Arctic Centre is a truly multidisciplinary working group and we particpate in outreach to the general public, Dutch companies, ministeries and our research council. It belongs to the Faculty of Arts and the Groningen Institute of Archaeology(GIA), which now celebrates its centennial.
Our central theme is the Sustainability of the Arctic Antropocene

We celebrate the anniversary with the following activities:

25 JanuarySEES publieksdag (in Dutch)

A day about the Dutch expeditions to east-Svalbard in 2015 and 2020. More info.

24-25 MarchArcSci2020 conference

The final conference of a European project with several PhD students in archaeology, who were studying their material with new techniques More info.

26 MarchPhD defence Marjolein Admiraal

Residu analysis of hunter-gatherer pottery from Alaska. More info.

3-12 AugustSEES.nl/2020 expedition

A new large arctic expedition to a remote island on the east side of Svalbard. 60 scientific particpants and 60 tourists join the boat Ortelius. More info.

October 2020NySMAC meeting in Groningen

Ny-Ålesund Science Managers Committee, meets twice a year to discuss science plans and developments in the international research base. More info.

And we re-publish the booklet, which described the first 35 years of the Arctic Centre called: The top of the Iceberg
This booklet is in Dutch but can easily be downloaded and imported in translate.google.com
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