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Feeding frenzy

31 July 2018

On our way in the middle of the fjord, we come across a group of fulmars with enormous amount of interactions. They are trying to steal eachothers prey. They are so busy that they don't react on our approach.
In the fjord there are at different locations spots with a lot of feeding birds. These spots are sometimes caused by whales who chase small fish and krill to the surface. This is a similar case, but here the puffins and murres are bringing food into reach of the fulmars and kittiwakes.

Above a video which starts when you click on the picture, below pictures made by Christoph Brochard.

Fulmars belong to the tubenoses. Above the bill they have a tube, to get rid of the salt in the salt water they drink, similar as albatrosses. With this well-deveolped salt gland on their skull, they can survive at sea. For us drinking water is deadly as we need one litre of fresh water to neutralize the salt in one litre of sea water. We would dry out when trying to survive on sea water.

Fulmars are famous as vaictims of plastic at sea. Most of them, even here in the Arctic, have plastics in their stomach.

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