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global seed vault

15 May 2018

The global seed vault or doomsday vault in Longyearbyen is a magical place. A time capsule for survival. In this mountain, seed collections are stored in case of an apocalyptic accident. Human agriculture has improved and selected seeds for food over many centuries. Here they should be stored for eternity. Seventy meters above sea level in case all ice caps of the world melt, in a frozen mountain in case all electricity fails.

Nevertheless, this project is also an example about the unpredictability of climate change. At present the vault is renovated as melt water has entered the tunnel and made it into a big glide. So the design was not good enough to prevent it from becoming a victim of climate change. luckily this can be repaired, but at high costs.
Layout of the seed vault from http://arte.folha.uol.com.br/ciencia/2018/climate-crisis/arctic/global-seed-vault-undergoing-renovation-and-repairs-due-to-arctic-warming/

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seed vault
And an animation found on youtube

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