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Trip 1 with Bernice

29 April-2 May 2017

Bernice Notenboom loves ice. For years she has made trips on frozen oceans and ice caps. As climate journalist, she makes reports and holds lectures to convince people of work on the climate problem. She made a hike again last week from 88 to 90 degrees northern latitude. On the sea ice of the North Pole, an airport was built by Russians in early spring. This base called Barneo serves as a base for research and tourism. Until the ice becomes too unstable. After her expedition, she invited her sponsors to a boat for a short trip on Spitsbergen. This trip proves to be a new concept and I can accompany them as a guide.
The first of the two trips in 2017 has directors from various companies and organizations that are working on making the Netherlands more sustainable. Companies such as ING bank, NUON, Gasunie, Rotterdam Port Authority, Arcadis, Dutch Railways and Schiphol get to know each other and discuss with each other a next step in their sustainability efforts.
In addition, a documentary is made for the EO: Icescream. On board are 5 people who have little to do with the climate problem in their daily lives. In the documentary they are followed on Spitsbergen and are regularly asked to reflect on their experience. Episode 3 in particular has become a wonderful episode, in which Jeroen van de Berg makes a turnaround and commits himself to sustainability with all of his energy. The documentary brings two producers and two filmers along with Tijs van den Brink.
Finally, there are two scientists on board to provide information. These are Mark Drinkwater from the European Space Agency (ESA) and Maarten Loonen from the University of Groningen. Mark Drinkwateris responsible for satellites observing the earth. For example, the Cryosat and Sentinel-3 satellite daily measures the ice situation around the North Pole.
We sail with the Rembrandt van Rijn from Longyearbyen to the 14th July glacier in Krossfjord for a walk to the glacier front. Then to Ny-Ă…lesund, where I lead a guided tour and the next day to the Blomstrandbreen for a walk on snowshoes. That night we are returning to Longyearbyen.
After returning, the boat is met by a team from the NOS. Martijn and Ruben have already participated in the SEES expedition. The entrepreneurs receive a critical reception. Was this trip necessary? As a participant and after some reflection I can fully confirm that this boat trip was a great success. Passengers have met regularly and have established strategic links to shift to sustainability. Compliments.

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