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new dutch island for terns

4 April 2018

<--situation 4 Dec 2017      

The Netherlands has a new island, special made for terns in the Dutch Wadden Sea. Eemshaven is an industrial area and harbour where arctic and common terns were nesting. They frightened the workers and attacked them heavily during the breeding season. But nesting terns are protected and cannot be disturbed during the breeding season. The only solution was to create a proper alternative. That was a new island outside the harbou. The island is completed in autumn 2017 and is now waiting for the first arctic terns arriving from the Antarctic.

For me, I am involved in this project to help the volunteers with their long term research on terns and to monitor how the terns react on the changing environment. Derick Hiemstra has been using individual coded colour rings on terns in the area which allows us to see individual birds switch between breeding localities.

Flushing sand from deepenng the gully to create a new islandPreparing and shaping the island with in the background the Eemshaven

Pictures taken from http://www.wadgidsenweb.nl/helden/760-voolhok.html

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