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University Groningen as centre for polar research


28 March 2018

De Dutch research council (NWO) has produced a new report on the furture of Dutch polar infrastructure. The report states that the netherlands should develop a national polar institute. The University of Groningen seems to be the best place for such an institute as will be shown on this page.

The Willem Barentsz Polar Institute is a Groningen initiative for polar researchers. Originally started as a potential national institute it became more a network for Dutch polar researchers. Nevertheless this might be the moment to reconsider. More about the WBPI at http://wbpi.nl/

The Arctic Centre of the University of Groningen is a small active multidisciplinary research centre studying human influence on the Arctic environment. The Arctic Centre also manages the Netherlands Arctic Statopn on Spitsbergen and represents The Netherlands in working groups of the Arctic Council: CAFF (biodiversity), AMAP (pollution) and SDWG (sustainable development). We also participate in international science coordination like EU-PolarNet, INTERACT, SIOS, SSF and NySMAC.

Groningen is a centre for Arctic and Antarctic research. More people, groups and expertise can be found on https://www.rug.nl/research/arctisch-centrum/polar-research-groningen>

Groningen has several interesting courses for students. A special minor for bachelor students of all study programmes and universities, special courses for archeologists and biologists and advanced courses for master students and PhD students about sustainability of people in polar areas.

We link with companies and participate in the Dutch Arctic Circle, a group of companies who explore new opportunities from the melting ice in the Arctic. We prefer alliances with companies who want to use the melting ice as an alarm to battle climate change and who look for energy saving, energie transition, sustainability and a circular economy. The campaigns by Bernice Nootenboom are a good example. In the past we received support from Procter & Gamble (10 year doubling of the Netherlands Arctic Station), travel organisation Thika Travel and the alumni of the University of Groningen via the Ubbo Emmius Fund (support for research on arctic terns flying from Artic to Antarctic http://www.rugsteuntstern.nl). We are looking for new partners via the Willem Barentsz Foundations.

Finally, we are preparing a new large expidition in 2020 with a large group of scientists and tourists to the eastside of Spitsbergen. In 2015 we organised already the biggest polar expedition to the island Edgeøya. This expedition did receive a lot of attention for all participants and we hope to continue on the research projects. More about this expedition on http://www.sees.nl.

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