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Stone is beautiful

13 August 2016

I needed to retrieve wildlife cameras from Kvadehuken. After dinner I walked to the west and slept in Geopol. Next day I walked back via an alternative route along the top of the cliff.
A short stop at Papphytta.
Stuphallet from the coast.
Stone patterns.
A river to cross.
The same river crossed.
Even in the stone desert there are experimental plots. A British soil warming experiment.
A skua mount. A high point were arctic skuas rest and defaecate, resulting in vegetation.
Another skua mount with skuas.
01:00, the lowest midnight sun. The sun almost hits the horizon. Sleeping geese in front.
Next day a view from the top of Stuphallet.
Another view. The cliff Stuphallet harbours puffins and fullmars. The feaces fertilizes the mos vegetation below.
Continuing my walk.
Views are spectacular, but also the stone patterns and the canyons.
Finally, Ny-Ă…lesund in the view.

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