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Fox kils goslings

19 July 2016

Finally, we observe goslings being killed by an arctic fox. Goslings were already disappearing, but sofar we did not see a proper kill. Today, Willemijn observes geese running to the lake. Immedeately we also see the fox. He kills one of the last goslings, but immedeately runs around the group of geese ande prevents them from reaching the water. Again another gosling killed. And again, the fox runs around the flock to chase the geese away from water. Another gosling taken. One damaged gosling tries to join the flock again, but the fox grabs it again and bites the head off. And again another rather big new gosling predated. The fox has killed five goslings before the flock with families reaches safety at the lake Solvatnet. Than the fox is gathering all the corpses. He has to store them for winter. That is the only food he has to survive with during winter as there are no rodents (mice or lemmings) on Svalbard. The pictures are taken after the hunt, when the fox is caching the preys.

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