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14 July 2016

Today three people are leaving the station. Danny returned with the morning plane, Siegfried will leave with the afternoon plane and Esther will leave with the night boat. All special people, with which I enjoyed working together.

Esther Kokmeijer has a great interest in Arctic Terns. She has a long history in the Antarctic and in the Arctic and she got fascinated by the Arctic Terns, linking those two sites. On 11 September she will open an exhibition in Haamstede about this bird and she will work on a book. You can get here a good impression about her tern studies. She spent this week making pictures about us and the terns.

Siegfried Woldhek is for me an old name from the times I got interested in birds as a teenager. He was director of Birdlife Netherlands and later director of the World Wildlife Fund in The Netherlands. But he is also well-known from his portraits of writers and politicians in a magazine Vrij Nederland and in the newspaper NRC. He has been looking for the ivory gull (present every day) and the red phalarope (only one encounter during a trip). By joining Delphin and Saga on their field work in Ossian Sars, he has met the most polar bears of all people in the Netherlands station.

Below some pictures, where they have photographed eachother while releasing a ringed tern and two watercolours Siegfried gave me.

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