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Excursion for German minister

13 July 2016

I have been leading a town excursion about birds and ecosystem research for Barbara Hendricks (German Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety), Kjerstin Askholt (Governor of Svalbard), Kim Holmén (International director of the Norwegian Polar Institute), Nalân Koç (Research director of the Norwegian Polar Institute), Karin Lochte (Director of the Alfred Wegener Institute) and a German delegation.

They learned why the geese migrate to the Arctic, how I measure plant production, how vegetation composition changes by herbivory, how long geese are flightless, how fox predation varies between years, how geese adapt to climate warming and how geese need extreme years to adapt. And they got a demonstration how to catch an arctic tern and how to follow these on their migration to Antarctica.

Maybe a bit to much, but it was fun for me too. Thanks Janwillem Loonen and Willemijn Loonen for your help.

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