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Solargraphy by Udo Prinsen

19 June 2015

On top of Renseverket N78.92821 E11.91735
Udo Prinsen is an artist joining the SEES.NL expedition. He has sent pinhole cameras to Ny-Ă…lesund to follow the sun path over the summer. The technique is called solargraphy I have found four locations for the cameras. The all-sky set is placed on top of Renseverket, the tallest building in Ny-Ă…lesund, built to clean the coal. On the roof is a small platform. The picture above is taken from the roof towards town. The picture on the left is taken from the dogyard. From this distance you can see the instrument on top of the building.
Other locations are in the front and back of the Netherlands Arctic Station and on the old pier extending into the fjord. Now we hope for clear skies and good suntracks. An example from internet is given to the right.
In de polar sun, the sunline will still be visible at midnight at its lowest point.
in front of the Netherlands Arctic Station N78.92542 E11.93352
the back of the Netherlands Arctic Station N78.92608 E11.93432
the old pier at Hollanderhaugen N 78.93004 E11.91866

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