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Blomstrand bird cliff

13 July 2014
Kentaro Hayashi is a colleague from Japan. We have published a paper together on reindeer droppings. Next year we plan to study denitrification at sites affected by bird faeces. I want to show him a rich bird cliff at Blomstrand Island, the kittiwake colony where students of Claus Bech are working. The bird cliff is a steep climb over lush tundra vegetation. On the photo on the left, it is the green area on top enclosed by three steep cliff walls.
This is how the steep cliff looks when you are at the top.Kittiwakes everywhere and a few fulmars.
Tired from the climb........but the view is spectacular.
An Arctic fox puppy passes.......and starts to feed on a reindeer carcass.
The steep descent
And just outside the influence of the bird cliff, there is hardly any vegetation.I did take a picture of the both of us when returned home. All other pictures by Kentaro.

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