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  Returning from Storholmen, we meet Wojtek Moskal and Leif Arild Håhjem in the harbour, back from a fishing trip. Steinar had discovered the presence of a lot of cod west of Blomstranden ona depth of 20-40 meter. Within an hour they have caught 40 fishes.
Cod is a special fish. It is economically very important. In relative warm seasons they can move north. This year seems to be such a year. The water temperature in the top layer is 6.8 degrees Celsius. The stomachs were full of shrimps. When there is a low food availability for cods they can become predators of their own kin.
The presence of this cod is not simply good news. The fast ice is far away. This must be seen as a sign of global warming. At this moment, we are still heading to a new record low in ice coverage http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/, beating the previous record of 2007.

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