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100 year old warehouse at Ny-London

28 July 2013 19:00

Source: Some particulars (1914) Northern Exploration Company (N.E.C.), Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromsø.

Frigga Kruse is a PhD Student Industrial Archeology and finishes her thesis this autumn at the Arctic Centre of the University of Groningen (the home institution for the Netherlands Arctic Station). She has sent two pictures to commemorate the 100th anniversay of the foundation of the former warehouse. The first houses of the former settlement of the Northern Exploration Co. on Marble Island (locally known as Ny-London on Blomstrandhalvøya) were built in 1911, but the former warehouse was one of the last structures to be put up in 1913. You can still see its foundation beneath the large machinery on site.

Source: pol02998, Polar Museum, Tromsø.

Friga Kruse has gathered all information on British industrial activity on Spitsbergen. If you are interested in her thesis contact: frigga_kruse@yahoo.co.uk

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