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One of the touristboats has a camera team together with Gert Polet and Femke Koopmans of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on board. They make a short stopover in Ny-Ă…lesund and take some shots. They ask us about our approach towards polar bear encounters. After having heard our story, they want to tape it.
On the doorstep of the Netherlands Arctic Station I discuss with Femke Koopmans how to reduce danger for the polar bear and humans. WWF will use the clip on their websites for the campaign arctichome, which they have initiated with Coca Cola. Hopefully their campaign will also generate some funds for polar bear researchers from the Netherlands.

And the final result is the video below, with this station at 2:20 minute.
This video is part of a WWF webpage about reducing human-bear conflict.

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