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Netherlands on Edgeøya

At the Arctic Centre of the University of Groningen, we are searching the archives for old material on polar research. We have found two documentaries from expeditions to east-Svalbard. From 1968 until 1988, the Netherlands Arctic Station was located on EdgeĆøya. Here you can find impressions of their field work, including some polar bear encounters.

Polar bear research 1968-69 (more...) Reindeer research 1977 (more...)

In 1968-1969, four Dutch students wintered on the island Edgeøya hoping to collect important data to safe the polar bear. During their stay, this documentary is made by Paul van de Bosch and Hans Zoet. In 1969, it has been shown on Dutch television.

Sip van Wieren filmed during the REES77 expedition. He made a documentary without sound, but we have added a background sound from a lecture, he gave at the Arctic Centre (28 Jan 2013). We acknowledge Sip and his helpers for making this movie available.

This project is part of the preparations for a new expedition called SEES.NL in 2014.

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