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7 August 2012 14:14

tour through the marine laboratory

Dieter Hanelt is professor at the University of Hamburg and measures photosynthesis of macro algae.

Kerstin Hübner is assistant in the macro algae team. She studies plants and animals growing on the sea weeds.

Cornelia Buchholz is also studying macro algae. Her husband Fritz Buchholz is investigating krill in the fjord.

Jaap van der Meer of the Netherlands Institute of Sea Research NIOZ is staying in the Netherlands Arctic Station to develop a new project. We are visiting the scientists in the marine laboratory and they are lindly presenting their research projects. Marion is also joining as she has worked with fytoplankton for many years too at the University of Groningen.

Christoph Walcher is leader of the scuba dive team. He is normally based on Helgoland. There are divinbg facilities on the ground floor of the building.

Sina Petrowski and Kathrin Schachtl are testing food web structure in aquaria with crabs and various other sea creatures.

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