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There is a small international delegation visiting Ny-Ålesund with the former prime minister of France, Michel Rocard. They have a five day program with visits to stations and scientists. We start with a smal reception in the Amundsen villa. From left to right: Nick Cox (NERC station, UK), Riccardo Zanini (Italian station), Christian Wiencke (chief scientist AWI, Germany/France), Elaine Schemilt (delegation member, artist, professor at Dundee, South Georgia Heritage Trust), Fang Zang (Chinese station), Frederik Paulsen (delegation sponsor, South Georgia Heritage Trust), Pascal Lecamp (delegation member, Frech Embassy Oslo, private company support UBIFRANCE), Sébastien Barrault (AWIPEV station, Germany/France), Michel Rocard (delegation, ambassador for France for the Arctic and Antarctic, former prime minister of France 1988-1991), Rudolf Denkmann (AWIPEV, Germany/France) Laurent Mayet (delegation member, founding member of Le Cercle Polair and special advisor to Michel Rocard) station leader (Indian station), Bjørn Basberg (delegation member, South Georgia Heritage Trust, professor in history, Bergen)

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