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We have dressed up. Linda made this picture. Daan is hugging goodbye Bye Daan
The boat is gone but the music continues

9 August 2006, 22:30

Daan leaves.

This was already the third year that Daan helped me with the field work. We both like it up here.
Daan is leaving with the boat Nordstjernen. This boat was long ago part of Hurtigruten, the shipping line along the Norwegian coast. In the mining period, the boat was always welcomed with music. In my early years, we did the same. It was for me important to join, because the boat arrived at 8:00 o clock and those who played music received breakfast on board. In those days, we were cooking our own meals and a breakfast with eggs, bacon and salad was much appreciated. Now the boat arrives in the evening and the music is played at departure and not at arrival. It is still a vivid happening, probably because it usually coincides with an open bar evening. We have no practice runs and I have not heard any sensible music yet. But we do our best and we are entertaining.

Bye Daan.
Let me try the drum.
We also play at 24:00 when the Sysselmannen boat leaves. Now Janwillem plays the trumpet

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