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With two kayaks and a zodiac on the water and a group of people on the beach, we bring the geese to the net on the beach.

6 August 2006, 20:00

For the third year, I organize a goose catch with the help of a group of students from UNIS, who are visiting during an excursion. The students have had a lecture about goose ecology and have spend a day observing goose behaviour. Now they have some action. We are catching on Storholmen. Complicated logistics but with support of Stockholm, the boat which is used for the student cruise. We caught 96 geese.
We collect the geese at the southern tip of the island and bring them to the right beach.
The geese arrive at the net
The geese arrive at the catch site
Boats push the flock of geese gently on the beach
Boats push the flock of geese gently on the beach.
No way back to sea.
The escape to sea is blocked.
Side by side we herd the geese into the coral
Side by side we herd the geese into the coral.
Maarten closes the door
Maarten closes the door.

What happened earlier:
a boat with students and equipment arrives on Storholmen Maarten is assigning tasks the net is ready, waiting for the kanoes to arrive
A boat with students and equipment Assigning tasks The net is ready

After the catch, geese are ringed and measured:
the students want to learn we caught one canada goose Maarten is explaining his work with a barnacle goose on his lap
Students observe the ringing We caught a Canada Goose Explaining my work
father and son at work:sex is male father and son at work: ninth primary is 57 mm Father and son at work: sex male, ninth primary five seven.
Almost thirteen year is my son. Ever summer, his father is away studying geese. He always asked for a possibility to come along and this year I saw an opportunity. He masters an english conversation after his first year high school and a lot of internet gaming (world of warcraft).
He is studying foxes and proves his value as a field assistent during this catch. He is writing down all measurements. From four sides, different people exclaim figures and he has to put them at the proper loaction in tables. He proves to be a natural talent.

This catch we cooperate with people from 8 nationalitiesten.We need a clear protocol to minimize mistakes. Letters are called according to the radio alphabet en numbers are called one by one. When someone from England says ee she means A, when someone from Norway of the Netherlands says ee, she might mean E if she spells in her native tongue. That is why we say alpha and echo.

The radio alphabet: alpha bravo charlie delta echo foxtrot golf hotel india julia kilo lima mike november oscar papa quebec romeo sierra tango uniform victor wiskey x-ray yankee zulu

A number like 263 is pronounced in Dutch like twohundred three and sixty. That is why we say two six three while calling this number. In this way we hope to minimize mistakes.

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Strijbos Storholmen catch earthquake

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