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they are at the top of the most green area

6 August 2006, 11:00

Today, there is an interview on Dutch radio with me about a famous ornithologist, called Jan P. Strijbos. They first start a tape from 1939, where Strijbos is telling about his adventures in Kongsfjorden. Then they ask me questions about the present situation. You can hear this radio item by clicking here.

This man had been in Kongsfjorden in 1939 and 1957 and has written a book about it.
Strijbos 1957
The picture above is from his book. It must have been in 1939, because on the right hand side of the picture, there is a wooden construction which was the zeppelin hangar. It was destroyed in WO II. Kristian Thowsen, the office manager from Kings Bay, helped me to make a similar photo. His picture is below.
The background of the picture is similar, but the angle of the view is completely different. Strijbos must have been using a kite or a balloon to make his picture.

Note the glacier in the background. It has retreated enormously since 1939.
Strijbos 1939 Thowsen 2006
view on Ny-Alesund from Kloten.
view on Ny-Alesund from Kloten. To the left the view from the mountain Kloten without telelens. Kristian had to make a long walk to get a similar picture.

The cold air at this latitude contains so little water and smog that you can over long distances. The village is 5 kilometers away and the glacier in the background is 17.5 km away.
map showing the camera position

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