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Northern lights

24 January 2012

All over Norway spectacular Northern lights are visible. On this page some higlights shot by friends.
To the left a time lapse video made by Hallvar Gisnås in Ny-Ålesund. The green line in the movie is the German LIDAR. The yellow house at 1:36 is the Netherlands Arctic Station. Most of the Northern lights are visible in southward direction. Ny-Ålesund is so far north. The particles from the sun enter the atmosphere in a circle around the magnetic north pole. As Ny-Ålesund is normally right under the circle, this night the highest intensities are seen in mainland Norway.
In mainland Norway, the lights were even more spectacular. This picture is made by Bjørn Anders Nymoen in mainland Norway and shows the great dipper through a small hole in the aurora borealis. More about his pictures on http://www.nymoenphotography.com
The video to the left is special, because it is not a time lapse video but a realtime video. This one shows beautifully the movement in the sky. I have seen it once in Tromsø like that. It makes you gaze and shout in admiration.

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